Our team brings together strengths and combines expertise, competence and creativity to achieve distant targets reliable together with our customers and our partners.

Michael Rieck - michael.rieck@

Initiator, founder and managing director - Sales and Development


Software Architect (Dipl. Ing physical technique -. FH)

- 18 years developing test programs, test strategies and test methods

- 4 years international technical management of software development 

Ralf Reche - ralf.reche@

Founder and Managing Director - Software Development 


Software Computer Scientists (Dipl. Ing. Computer science)

- 24 years software development for testing tools for design and test

- Technical lead of international software engineering teams 

Olaf Rohde - olaf.rohde@

Marketing und Communication


Marketing and Communications Specialist

- 18 years old product development and project management for FMCG's - Beiersdorf AG Hamburg

- 5 years project manager innovations and creative workshops - Beiersdorf AG Hamburg

Johannes Tempel

Software Development


Computer Science (B.Sc. Technical computer Science)

- Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Mechatronics technician Hochbahn AG


Johannes Reidl

Software Development


Computer Science (B.Sc. Technical computer Science)

- Hamburg University of Applied Sciences




Mirco Halfar

Database development


Specialist in application engineering

- Application Development Industry and Chamber of Commerce Hamburg 



Viconnis Test Technologie GmbH                              

Christoph-Probst-Weg 4

D - 20251 Hamburg

Phone     +49 40 822 969 49

Fax         +49 40 822 969 50

Mail          contact@viconnis.de

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